Angels Along My Path Of Thorns

Livingston, Chiquimula, San Pedro Pinula-Parts II, III, IV

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All of these photographs are somehow associated

with Parts Two, Three, and Four  in my book.

Most of the photos are related to Part Four. I wish

there were more photos related to  Parts Two and

Three; however, I was hardly in a position to take

photos, even if I had owned a camera, as I was

struggling from day to day  to survive the

monster's death threats and physical and mental


The monster's crime against me was also an

enormous crime against the society he lived in,

for he did his horrible deed, perhaps on purpose,

on the most solemn and holy evening in

Guatemala—the perfect anti-social statement. To

appreciate just how important and sacred Good

Friday is to Guatemalan Catholics one can watch

this video of Christ's funeral bier leaving the

Church Of The Recolection in Guatemala City to

wend its way through the night on its prescribed

route. In Antigua, Guatemala the Holy Week

ceremonies are most elaborate. These

ceremonies are reminiscent of those of Sevilla,

Spain, the region from where most of the early

missionaries to Guatemala originated.


In Part Three of my story I have written that

the criminal was giving me messages by singing

his favourite Mexican rancheros, the ones with

themes of machismo, women's fickleness and

unfaithfulness. Two of his songs are available

here: El Rey and Tu Y Las Nubes, in a rustic

format, as the monster sang them. The lyrics in

English and Spanish can be found in my book on pages 177-178.

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