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Criticas magazine–An English speakers guide to the latest

Spanish language titles. This magazine also features English

language titles dealing with Latin American subjects. An

excellent magazine.–A wonderful site to explore

independently published books: reviews, interviews,

publicity, and much more. When you are into this

site make sure you click on  

The Latino Book and Family Festival is a book fair

founded by Hollywood actor Edward James Olmos

and is held in four different cities throughout the

year. Mr. Olmos established these book festivals to

encourage literacy and book reading in the Hispanic

population. These festivals, particularly the ones in

Los Angeles and Chicago, are huge. The winners of

the annual Latino Book Awards (English and Spanish)

are announced at the prestigious Book Expo America

exposition in May.

Hispanic Online is a web site devoted to everything

Latino. It concentrates on current affairs: domestic

and foreign news, entertainment, politics, and

opinion. The ultimate site for those wishing to

remain current with everything connected to the

growing Latino population (now the largest minority) 

in the United States.

Pan American Health Org (POHO) . This organization is

part of The World Health Organization and has

extensive reports about violence against women in

Latin America. Click here to see a Fact Sheet.

Some Recommended Reading

A Short History Of Guatemala. By Ralph Lee Woodward Jr.,

199 pages. Editorial Laura Lee, 2005. As entitled: an

overview of Guatemalan history. The best short history in


Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of Psychopaths

Among Us. By Robert Hare. The Gilford Press, 1999. Learn

what psychopathy is and how psychopaths can operate

without detection until it is too late.

I Choose To Live. By Sabine Dardenne. Virago Press, 2005.

This is the autobiography of one of the survivors of the

famous Dutroux case in Belgium. Sabine's story is so similar

to mine, especially in the way her mind was working during

her captivity.

Dancing On His Grave. By Barbara Richard. Trafford

Publishing, 2006. This is the story of five sisters who

survived unspeakable deprivation and abuse, sexual and

physical, at the hands of a sadistic father on a farmstead in

Eastern Montana. It is a pivoting story.

Violence Against Women: the Health Sector Responds.

Published by POHO (see above). This is a must–read for

service providers, academicians, and individuals interested

in shedding light on the pandemic of gender-based violence

in Latin America.

Free of the Shadows: Recovering From Sexual Violence. By

Caren Adams and Jennifer Fay, California: New Harbinger

Publications, 1989

Breaking the Macho Code: An Exploration of the

Patriarchal Mind And Culture. by Paul Hennig. Trafford

Pubilishing, 2006. This book critically examines the code's

dysfunctional image of masculinity and how it fails to give

men a manhood capable of loving sex and relationship.

Instead,  it sets men up for obsession, abuse and  violence

towards women.

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