Angels Along My Path Of Thorns

Angels Along My Path Of Thorns–Maps and Plans

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One can find these maps and diagrams in my

book in black and white. However, I believe the

colour that can be shown here is much more

graphic. The maps were prepared by Mr. Shea and

are topographical maps from the Instituto

Geográfico Nacional of Guatemala with the

various routes I took during my ordeal

superimposed over them. Please click on the hi-

lited names for two general maps in PDF format

of the Jalapa region and the Chiquimula-Ipala


There are those who probably are surprised to

read that there are many indigenous languages

still spoken in Guatemala and that there are many

people who do not speak Spanish. Please click on

this language web site to find out more about this

subject. The speakers of these languages range

from over a half a million for Quechí to just a few thousand for some others.

In the writing of my book I had to research my family's geneology in order to place people in

their proper position. Before writing I had not given too much thought about this. My husband

prepared a diagram of my family tree. This  Genogram  will be of interest for only the very

curious. It could possibly help the reader understand the family relationships that I have briefly

described in Part One of my story. My father's line is on the first page and my mother's on the

second page. One will notice that the relatives who helped me the most (the ones with the stars)

were not the ones who were most closely related to me—interesting and sad.

The monster's death certificate can be viewed here in PDF form. This certificate represents

closure for me.

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